The 'Korpus Südtirol' initiative aims at the collection, filing and corpus linguistic processing of South Tyrolean texts in order to make them available to the public and to document the use of written German in South Tyrol. It was started in September 2005 by researchers of the Free University of Bolzano, the European Academy Bozen/Bolzano and the University of Innsbruck.

By now, the text corpus thus developed allows for the evaluation of the available authentic language data according to different criteria, so as to be used for studies in historical linguistics, socio-linguistics, contact linguistics and language varieties. It will also serve as a basis for language teaching and consulting. The texts collected in South Tyrol, as well as further corpora in other languages, can be investigated through a user-friendly corpus search interface, which offers the opportunity to strengthen people's language awareness within the multilingual environment in South Tyrol.